Natural Resources to Add to Your Skincare Routine

Skin is the largest organ on the body and keeping your skin free from toxins can help stop your body from absorbing the harsh chemicals from man-made products. Using natural products are healthier and may be more beneficial to your skin in the long run. Taking care of your body is important and it is a form of self love.

1. Rosewater

Rosewater is a popular skincare product because it is well known for its hydrating, astringent, and moisturizing capabilities. Roses can eliminate bacteria and fight bacterial infections from tissue damage. Not only does rose water have antibacterial properties, but it is also loaded with antioxidants!

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is known for being one of the most versatile skincare products. The inside of this plant has the ability to disinfect the skin and pull toxins from the skin, and the molecules of Aloe vera have been used for centuries for burn relief and skin damage repair. Aloe vera is also a great moisturizer and collagen booster.

3. CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the hemp plant and it has been found to reduce inflammation when applied to the skin. Studies have also found that CBD can stop the skin from producing too much oil and help improve the elasticity and hydration instead. If you suffer from oily skin, CBD might be the answer to all of your problems.

4. Clay

Clay has been used for hundreds of years as a form of medicine, and the therapeutic effects of clay are still being utilized in skincare today. Bacteria and toxins can be pulled out of the skin with a clay mask because of its ability to bind to the positively charged particles in toxins and impurities. This natural resource is healing and it is drawn directly from the Earth!