Top 3 Herbs that Boosts Testosterone Levels



Most people believe that only men can have testosterone, which is actually false. Women have testosterone too, just in smaller amounts. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the stimulation of the libido (sex drive) in men and women, so it’s only natural that men and women excrete this hormone on a daily basis. Low testosterone decreases the sex drive and can be attributed to a number of underlying health conditions, but here are 3 herbs that boost testosterone levels.


1 . Maca Root


Maca root is a popular testosterone boosting herb. This particular plant is considered to be an aphrodisiac, and aphrodisiacs are great for increasing testosterone. Maca root has a taste that blends well with smoothies and protein shakes. 


2 . Ashwagandha Root



Ashwagandha can decrease cortisol levels and restore adrenal function. This basically means that if the low testosterone levels are stress induced, then this plant can actually put your body back in hormonal balance which could be the solution to raising your testosterone.


3 . Ginseng



Ginseng not only boosts your energy, it can boost your testosterone as well. In some cases, low energy is the cause of low sex drive which is the case for many men and women. Ginseng has the potential to fight fatigue and improve mental health.



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