Herbal Information

Plants have been shown to exhibit medicinal qualities for hundreds of years, and the more you learn about different herbs, the better you become at utilizing their properties as needed. These properties vary among plant species and can be used to help the body get better and stronger.

Health Property

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Effects on the human body*

Adaptogen – help the body resist stress and bring the body back in balance.

Analgesic – help relieve pain and administer anti-inflammatory effects to the body.

Antibacterial – can fight off and kill bacteria.

Antispasmodic – help reduce spasms and relax muscles

Antiviral – help build the immune system and fight against viral infections.

Aphrodisiac – enhance libido and improve sex life.

*Consult with your doctor before using herbs if you are using prescription drugs. Prescription drugs can interact with herbs and alter the desired effects on your body.

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